Progress Hopeful for California Online Poker

While regulated online poker in California continues to be stymied by the gaming interests involved, progress may come in the form of legislative hearings.

CA Tribes State Opposition to PokerStars and Racetracks

The stalemate over online poker legislation in California continues as a coalition of tribes stated their formal opposition to an ipoker bill.

California Online Poker Situation Worsens

Hopes of regulating online poker in California have taken a turn for the worse with new rumors sprouting that the impasse is desired by certain lawmakers.

California Tribes Feel Pressure from RAWA

The recent introduction of legislation on the federal level aiming to ban online gambling has created anxiety among California tribes.

California Online Poker Stalled by 3 Tribal Groups

Online poker legislation in California continues to be held back by seven Indian tribes divided into three groups with separate agendas.

PokerStars Applauds iPoker Bill Introduced in California

California lawmakers have another online poker bill to consider during the 2015 legislative session as Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer introduced AB 167.

Iipay Nation Seeks Dismissal of Case in iBingo Dispute

As expected, the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel in California are fighting back against the state shutting down their online bingo site. Gears Up for Real-Money Play

The Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel have made a few changes to their website, apparently continuing to move forward with real-money play.

New California iPoker Bill Opposed by PokerStars Coalition

The online poker bill proposed earlier this week by California Assemblyman Mike Gatto does not sit well with the coalition that includes PokerStars.

New Online Poker Bill Introduced in California

As expected, an online poker bill was proposed in California for the 2015 legislative session, as the state tries again to pass ipoker regulations.

Iipay Nation not Backing Down vs. California

The Iipay Nation appear poised to vigorously defend their belief that they are within their legal right to operate online bingo and poker in California.