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New YorkNew York State Poker & Online Gambling Legislation Status

Poker is a game that has been very popular throughout the history of New York. Up until the 1990s poker players in New York did not have any legal ways to play so underground poker rooms were common. In the 1990s the state developed compacts with Indian Tribes to allow tribal casinos. These casinos offer poker games so that the residents of New York have a legal way to play poker.

Can Players From New York Play Poker Online?

Yes! Poker players from New York should have no problems finding an online site to play at. The federal government has made it harder for online poker sites to offer games to residents of the United States, but they have not made it impossible. We saw some of the most notable online poker sites pull out of the US market in 2011 when the federal government indicted the owners of some of the largest poker sites.

Smaller offshore poker sites were not targeted during this time. These sites continue to offer online poker games to poker players in New York. These sites are smaller than the major poker sites, but they still have very large multi-table tournaments and satellite tournaments to major events like the WSOP. There is a lot of money to be won at these sites.

The following poker sites accept players from New York:

Is it Legal to Play Online Poker in New York?

New York has a long list of laws pertaining to gambling. From the research that we have completed it appears that most of the gambling laws in New York are targeted to the operators of illegal gambling institutions. Online poker is a grey area in New York. We have found no laws that specifically mention online poker, but some of the other laws that New York has may make playing poker online illegal. We have a review of some of the laws that may pertain to online poker in New York below:

  • New York defines a Contest of Chance as Contest of chance means any contest, game, gaming scheme or gaming device in which the outcome depends in a material degree upon an element of chance, notwithstanding that skill of the contestants may also be a factor therein. (Section 225.00-1)
  • Gambling is defined as A person engages in gambling when he stakes or risks something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance or a future contingent event not under his control or influence, upon an agreement or understanding that he will receive something of value in the event of a certain outcome. (Section 225.00-2)
  • Use of unlawful wagering instruments is a class a misdemeanor. It is unclear whether gambling online or on a mobile device can be considered use of an unlawful wagering instrument. (Section 225.65)
  • Most penalties are targeted at operators of illegal gambling organizations. [1]
  • Home poker games seem to be legal in New York as long as no one is taking a rake from the game.
  • Charity casino nights seem to be legal in New York with proper licensing.

We are not lawyers. We have just provided an overview of the laws that we find interesting in New York pertaining to gambling. We can’t tell you whether or not it is legal to play poker online in New York. We advise you to consult a lawyer if you are concerned with the legality of playing poker online in New York.

Significantly, the state of New York “legalized” (regulated) Daily Fantasy Sports in 2016 on the basis it was a primarily game of skill. Since 2013, attempts have been made to regulate online poker using the same argument. As you will see in the “Recent Developments” section below, the attempts have to date been unsuccessful.

New York Gambling History

New York has played a big role in the history of gambling in the United States. A lot of the gambling throughout the United States originated in New York. Many immigrants first arrived in New York. New York was big in the gambling industry in these days. They promoted gambling equipment to the new immigrants. The immigrants moved on to other areas of the United States and set up gambling organizations. The Las Vegas Strip even originated from the gambling equipment that came out of New York.

Gambling in the early years of New York wasn’t legal, but law officials tended to turn a blind eye to the activity going on. It wasn’t until 1966 that New York officially had some legalized gambling in the state. The New York State Lottery launched in 1966. It was the second legalized lottery in the United States.

New York quickly moved forward with more legalized forms of gambling. It was the first state to legalize off-track betting on the horse races in 1971. Shortly after that, the state developed a progressive jackpot on the lottery in 1978. Lottery revenues and pari-mutuel betting revenues in New York are among the highest in the United States.

New York dabbled with the idea of launching state-run casinos. They almost legalized these casinos, but reports of corruption and crimes in other states that had state casinos deterred New York from legalizing them.

Indian Tribal Casinos have been allowed in New York State since the 1980s – although the first official compact was not signed until 1993 [2]. Twenty years later in 2013, voters approved a proposal to build up to seven new commercial casinos. The first commercial casino opened its doors in December 2016, but the tax revenues expected at the time have failed to materialize.

Legalized Gambling Options in New York

Legalized gambling is widely available in New York. Betting on horse races, lottery, charity casino nights, Indian Tribe Casinos, the recently-opened commercial casinos, charity bingo halls, and much more are available. If you are looking for a legal gambling venue in New York, you should have no problems finding them.

New York Related News

Chances of Online Gambling in New York Fading

With just over a week remaining in the legislative session, the chances of regulated online gambling in New York getting the green light this year are fading.

U.S. Regulated Gambling Entering a New Era of Litigation

Not only are anti-gambling groups filing lawsuits to prevent unconstitutional expansions of gambling, online operators are now squaring up against each other.

More Bad News for Regulated Online Poker in New York

The prospects for regulated online poker took a blow this week due to comments a constitutional amendment would be required to approve mobile sports betting.

Study Proposed to Assess Problem Gambling in New York

A bill is passing through New York´s legislature that could delay the introduction of online gambling until the extent of problem gambling is fully understood.

A New Year. A New NY Online Poker Bill

For the sixth year in succession, an attempt is being made to regulate online poker in New York even though the concerns from previous years still exist.

What Prompted Bovada to Return to New York?

Last week, former New York-based customers of Bovada received an email announcing “We´re Back in the Empire State” a year after withdrawing its service.

DFS Verdict Will Further Delay Regulated Online Poker in New York

A New York judge has ruled the state had no authority to reclassify DFS as a game of skill in 2016 to circumnavigate the constitutional ban on gambling.

New York Online Poker Regulation On Hold Until 2019

Lawmakers in the state of New York concluded the 2018 legislative session without passing an online poker bill, despite beginning the year as one of the states favored to pass i-poker regulations. Unless a special session is called, New Yorkers will once again have to wait until next year.

Online Poker Regulation in the US: Q1 2018 Review

The first three months of 2018 have thrown up few surprises with regard to online poker regulation in the US. However, looking forward, there could be some significant changes on the landscape – particularly if the Supreme Court makes a positive ruling in the PASPA sports betting case.

All Going Wrong for Regulated Gambling in New York

Two events occurred last week to negatively impact regulated gambling in New York. A request for tax concessions from two of the state´s commercial casinos was denied, and proposed revenues from the regulation of online poker were scratched from the state´s budget.

Prospects Poor for Regulated Online Poker in New York

This week has seen pro-regulation affiliates and anti-gambling columnists publish articles relating to gambling in the Big Apple. Both sides have their merits and their faults, but one look at the facts will tell you the prospects for regulated online poker in New York are poor – at least for the present.

Online Poker Regulation in the US: Q3 2017 Review

As we approach the final quarter of 2017, a fourth consecutive year with no further online poker regulation in the US is looking increasingly likely.

Poor Casino Revenues Threaten Online Poker in New York

New York´s brick-and-mortar casinos raked in far less than projected over the first six months of the year, prompting claims of market saturation.

Online Poker Regulation in the US: Q2 Review

Although a glimmer of hope remains for at least one state to pass online poker legislation this year, the second quarter of 2017 was particularly gloomy.

Regulated Online Poker in NY Dead for another Year

Gary Pretlow has confirmed his bill to regulate online poker in New York will not be heard in the Assembly before the end of the legislative calendar.

New York Online Poker Bill Passed by Senate

New York´s Senate yesterday passed a bill to regulate online poker, but doubts exist whether the bill will pass the Assembly – if it gets debated at all.

Mixed Day for Online Poker Regulation in the USA

There was both good news and bad news for proponents of online poker regulation in the USA yesterday, as one state moved forward and another one stalled.

Online Poker Regulation in the US: Q1 Review

2017 was supposed to be a breakthrough year for online poker regulation in the US, but to date the signs are it will another year without further progress.

New York Online Poker Bill Removed from Budget Proposals

The momentum to regulate online poker in New York hit the brakes earlier this week when the State Assembly removed online poker from its budget proposals.

New York Senate Poker Bill Passes First Committee Stage

Senator John Bonacic´s bill to regulate online poker in New York passed the first stage of the legislative process unopposed on Tuesday.

New York Online Poker Bill Introduced into State Assembly

Assemblyman Gary Pretlow´s bill is a mirror of the proposals introduced in the Senate last week with the same positives and potential pitfalls.

Bonacic Reintroduces Bill to Regulate Online Poker in NY

Sen. John Bonacic has reintroduced his 2015 proposals for regulation of online poker in New York, but he may have more obstacles to overcome than before.

Prospects for US Online Poker Regulation in 2017

With 2016 ending, we look forward and examine the prospects for online poker regulation in the US over the next twelve months.

Regulated Online Poker in New York – Is It Dead or Alive?

A bill to regulate online poker in New York passed in the Senate yesterday, just hours after the sponsor of the Assembly companion bill admitted it was dead.

Chances for Regulated Online Poker in New York “1,000-1”

Gary Pretlow – the sponsor of an Assembly bill that would regulate online poker in New York – has said that the bill´s chances of success are “1,000-1”.

New York Online Poker Bill in Budget Proposals

New York could be the next US state to regulate online poker if a Senate resolution remains unchanged in the Empire State´s budget proposals.

Senate Committee Rushes Through NY Online Poker Bill

Tuesday´s hearing of the Senate Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee resulted John Bonacic´s NY online poker bill progressing to the Finance Committee stage.

New York Online Poker Bill Introduced into Assembly

Proposals to legalize and regulate online poker in New York have been introduced by Gary Pretlow – chairman of the Assembly Committee on Racing and Wagering.

New York Recommends 4th Casino in Gambling Expansion Plan

The New York Gaming Facility Location Board issued a recommendation that a new casino be approved for the state’s Southern Tier region.

NY Online Poker Hearing a Mighty Disappointment

Yesterday´s public hearing “To Discuss the Future of Online Poker in New York State” revealed a lack of interest and a lack of knowledge about online poker.

New York Online Poker Hearing to be Live Streamed

Next Wednesday´s Senate Committee hearing “To Discuss the Future of Online Poker in New York State” will be live streamed on the Senate website.

New York Online Poker Hearing in September

New York moves incrementally closer to passing online poker legislation, primes for concerted push in 2016.

New York Governor Wants One More Casino

Gambling expansion is a hot topic in the state of New York, as the winning bidders for three new casinos were named just a couple weeks ago.

Winning Bids for NY Casinos Expected Dec. 17

Voters in the state of New York approved gambling expansion last year and the winning bidders of four new commercial casinos are expected to be named today.

New Jersey Likely to Lose 12% of Gamblers to New York

A recent poll conducted of New Jersey residents found that 12% will likely gamble in New York instead of New Jersey once more casinos are built.

Another Online Poker Bill Proposed in New York

With one online poker bill (S 6913) already under consideration since March, a New York legislator introduced another bill that mirrors the first.

New York Voters Support Online Poker

An online poker bill recently introduced in New York has the support of voters and may help to sway lawmakers in approving the measure.

Recent Developments in New York Online Poker Legislation

Since 2013, there have been annual attempts to regulate online poker in New York. However, although support exists in the Senate for the regulation of online poker based on the skill vs chance argument, there is opposition in the Assembly – primarily due to fears of cannibalizing the under-performing commercial casino industry.

Will New York Regulate Online Poker in the Future?

There is a strong case for the regulation of online poker in New York, and many industry professionals are surprised the necessary legislation has not already been passed. The biggest hurdle appears to be the potential for cannibalization, and – as the proposals for regulation are “poker-only” – the potential revenue for the state may not compensate for any further shortfall in brick-and-mortar casino revenues.


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