WPN Freebuy Passwords for Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker

Freebuy PasswordsGet the latest passwords for the Winning Poker Network´s USAFriendlyPokerSites Freebuy and SpecFreebuy satellite tournaments played on Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker.

The two leading skins on the Winning Poker Network – Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker – are the best USA-friendly poker sites for valuable online tournaments. The most well-known of these tournaments are the Sunday Venom events – huge online poker tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000 that attract thousands of players. Before November 2018 the Sunday Venom or ‘The Venom’ was called the Million Dollar Sunday.

Due to the sizeable buy-ins for these events, the Network supports them with a comprehensive satellite and sub-satellite schedule. The schedule often includes multiple Mega-Satellites guaranteeing hundreds of seats for the target event. The Mega-Satellites can be bought into directly or players can win their seats via a series of sub-satellites starting at Freebuy level.

What Are Freebuy Sub-Satellites?

Freebuy sub-satellites are qualifiers with no entry fee, but which give players the opportunity to enhance their chip stacks by purchasing re-buys, and an add-on at the end of the re-buy period. Typically you will need to take advantage of the option to re-buy or add-on if you want to progress from the Freebuy sub-satellite, unless you enjoy an incredible amount of good fortune.

An example of how a Freebuy sub-satellite works is that you start with a chip stack equivalent to 20 Big Blinds (for example 1,000 chips with blinds starting at 25/50). You can re-buy 3,000 chips for $1.00 during the re-buy period (can be up to 18 levels/3 hours) and purchase an add-on of 10,000 chips for $2.00 at the end of the re-buy period.

Thereafter, the Freebuy sub-satellite continues in a freezeout format until the number of players remaining match the number of prizes on offer. The seats won in a Freebuy sub-satellite will be automatically credited to your account and can be found in the “Ticket Manager” section of the poker client under the “My Account” tab.

Please note: Starting chip stacks, opening blind levels, and re-buy/add-on costs can vary according to the value of the target tournament. Often Freebuy sub-satellites have extended late registration periods, but these too can vary. For example, the late registration periods for USAFriendlyPokerSites Mega Freebuys this year have varied from five levels to twelve levels.

USAFriendlyPokerSites Freebuy Passwords

Each our tournaments is password protected in order to give readers an exclusive opportunity to qualify for a valuable event. The passwords are not always the same for each tournament and will be posted below. Be sure to bookmark this page so whenever one of our Freebuys appears in the poker lobby, you know exactly where to come to find the password.

[note class=”yellow”]PLEASE NOTE, you can play this freeroll from the following poker sites on the Winning Poker Network: (fill in the bonus codes during the registration process)

If you don’t have an account at both poker rooms, get yourself an extra welcome bonus![/note] [show_wpn_freebuys][/show_wpn_freebuys] [prlist rooms=”blackchippoker americascardroom”][/prlist]

How to Get an Extra Bonus on Americas Cardroom or Black Chip Poker

From time to time, Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker offer players the opportunity to get an extra bonus by reloading their accounts. These are worth taking advantage of even if you do not have any immediate need to deposit extra funds in your account and typically the reload bonuses are offered around big tournament series or special events – but not always.

So, what can you do if you need to reload your account and there is no bonus available? Well, if you only have an account at Americas Cardroom, it is possible to open a new account at Black Chip Poker and take advantage of another first deposit bonus. (Alternatively, if you only have an account at Black Chip Poker, you can open a new account at Americas Cardroom).

Is Bonus Hunting Allowed on the Winning Poker Network?

There are no rules against having an account with two or more different sites on the Winning Poker Network, provided you do not log into multiple accounts at the same time. This would result in all your accounts being suspended and your funds confiscated.

What Other Sites on the Network Can I Open an Account With?

There are four sites that fully operate on the Winning Poker Network, although some sites do not have the full range of promotions (for example the USAFriendlyPokerSites Freebuys are not available on True Poker and Ya Poker). The bonus codes for each site can be found in the following reviews.

Full list of sites on the Winning Poker Network

Pros and Cons of Bonus Hunting on WPN

There are both pros and cons of bonus hunting on the Winning Poker Network and before creating extra accounts to take advantage of the extra bonus, you need to consider if the pros are worth as much to you as the cons. (Different players will be affected differently)

Pros of Bonus Hunting

  • Obviously, by creating an account with more than one site, you will be eligible for more than one first deposit bonus.
  • If you have been the victim of bum hunting, you will be able to use a different username when you create a second or third account.

Cons of Bonus Hunting

  • Your bankroll will be shared out between multiple sites, which might affect the stakes you can play at and your ability to clear an extra bonus.
  • If you have a high VIP status in Americas Cardroom´s Elite benefits program, you will not be able to carry forward your status to a new account and will have to start again at the lowest level  in another site.

High Five Freebuys & OSS Freebuys

Throughout the year, the Winning Poker Network hosts valuable tournament series such as the High Five series and Online Super Series. Each series has its Main Event, which is as equally well-supported as the Sunday Venom events with a comprehensive satellite and sub-satellite schedule starting at Freebuy level. Often each Main Event also has a mega-satellite feeding into it.

On these occasions, we also run Freebuy events, but not necessarily into a mega-satellite – sometimes into the target event itself. For example the winner of the USAFriendlyPokerSites HighFive Freebuy usually wins a seat directly into the $450 buy-in Main Event with a chance to win a share of the $420,000 prize pool – for free. So, our Freebuy events are always worth playing in.

WSOP Mega Freebuy Events

USAFriendlyPokerSites WSOP Mega FreebuyIn addition to the High Five Freebuys and OSS Freebuys, we are occasionally invited to run WSOP Mega Freebuy events. These events typically award seats in paid-for satellites feeding into a WSOP Qualifier. The target tournament doesn´t actually qualify players for the WSOP, but pays out cash prizes of $12,500 so that players have the choice of whether to enter the WSOP Main Event or keep the money.

The USAFriendlyPokerSites WSOP Mega Freebuy is particularly hotly contested because of the potential prize at the end of it. If you were to win a seat in the paid-for satellites for free, and then buy into the WSOP Main Event after cashing in the WSOP Qualifier, the potential return for playing in the WSOP Mega Freebuy could be in excess of $8 million. What a great use of a couple of hours that would be!

A Brief History of the Winning Poker Network´s Sunday Venom

The Sunday VenomThe Winning Poker Network´s Million Dollar Sunday evolved from the Online Super Series – originally an annual tournament series that started in 2012 with a $50,000 guaranteed Main Event. As the Online Super Series (OSS) grew in popularity, the size of its Main Event guaranteed prize money also expanded. By mid-2014, the Network announced an ambitious plan to run a “Winning Millions” OSS Main Event in December with a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Unfortunately, the initial Winning Millions OSS Main Event had to be cancelled during late registration due to multiple disconnection issues caused by DDoS attacks. It was successfully re-run in February 2015 and despite a substantial overlay, further Winning Millions events were held in April and August 2015, following which the name of the event was changed to “Million Dollar Sundays”.

AMillion Dollar Sundaysn ambitious plan to run five back-to-back Million Dollar Sundays during the fall of 2015 was foiled by further DDoS attacks; but, in December 2015, the Network experienced its first $200,000 winner when “ahundredollars” became the first player to take down a million dollar guaranteed event without a final table deal. Further Million Dollar Sundays followed throughout 2016 – by the summer of which, the event had become the flagship tournament of the network´s new three-tiered “OSS Cub3d” series.

By the end of 2016, overlays in the Million Dollar Sunday were a distant memory and, in April 2017, a record number of entries (2,744) created a prize pool of $1,372,000 – beating the prize pool for that week´s PokerStars Sunday Million by almost $300,000. The success of that event, and a subsequent Million Dollar Sunday in September 2017, prompted the Network to announce its most ambitious sequence of million dollar guaranteed events yet – three Million Dollar Sundays within eight days.

The three Million Dollar Sunday events in October 2017 each had different buy-ins ($265, $540 and $2,100) and each surpassed its guarantee. Due to the fantastic response by players, the Network has increased the number of million dollar guaranteed tournaments it hosts each year, and during a four week spell in August and September 2018 successfully ran an incredible five $1,000,000 guaranteed events.

The Network followed the five back-to-back tournaments with two million dollar “Encore” events and, as an experiment, increased the buy-ins to $2,650 ($2,500 + $165). The increased buy-ins did not dissuade players from taking part and the Network continued the experiment until the end of 2018 under the event´s new name – the “Sunday Venom”. Will you be part of the history of the Winning Poker Network´s Million Dollar Venom Sunday tournaments? Only if you are playing at Americas Cardroom or Black Chip Poker.

Other USA Friendly Freeroll Poker Tournaments at WPN

The Winning Poker Network hosts several types of USA friendly freeroll poker tournaments that players can take advantage of to gain experience of the network´s software and boost their bankrolls. Some of the freeroll poker tournaments can be potentially very valuable, but not all are available network-wide.

If you enjoy the challenge of building a bankroll from scratch via USA friendly freeroll poker tournaments, some of the best opportunities exist on the Winning Poker Network. The Network currently offers three different types of freeroll events in addition to the Freebuy tournaments.

However, it is important to note that not every skin on the Network offers the same range of freeroll opportunities. Whereas the First Depositor freeroll poker tournaments and free-to-enter On Demand tournaments are network-wide, most private freerolls and freebuy events are site-exclusive or only available on the Network´s two leading skinsAmericas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker.

WPN´s First Depositor Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Freeroll Poker TournamentsThe Winning Poker Network´s First Depositor freeroll poker tournaments take place across all Network skins each Saturday at 12:05pm (all times ET). In order to be eligible to play in these tournaments, you have to have made a real money deposit into your account. After you have made your first deposit, you will be automatically entered into the remaining tournaments in the same calendar month (so best to create your account and fund it at the beginning of the month).

Having to make a deposit to play in a freeroll poker tournament kind of undermines the concept of building a bankroll from scratch, but the First Depositor freerolls are worth playing in nonetheless. Each First Depositor freeroll poker tournament has a prize pool of $250 and a deep payout structure. Players start with 3,000 chips and blinds that increase every ten minutes; and the tournament has a freezeout format – so no re-entries, re-buys, or add-ons are allowed.

On Demand Tournaments and Leaderboard Competition

On Demand freeroll tournaments with cash prizes for the top ten players run around the clock across the Network. Each tournament starts when 270 players have registered and late registration stays open for a further 30 minutes – after which a new On Demand tournament is seeded. These tournaments start with 1,500 chips per player and ten minute levels, and they are open to every player – regardless of whether you have made a real money deposit into your account or not.

If you finish in one of the top ten positions in an On Demand tournament, in addition to sharing in the cash prize, you are awarded points towards a weekly leaderboard competition. Players who finish in the top ten places on the leaderboard are awarded a ticket to the weekly “Sit & Crush” tournament that currently is paying out $8,000 packages to the Network´s Live Cage event. The winner of the leaderboard competition also wins a seat in the Network´s $150,000 Sunday Special tournament.

Private Freeroll Poker Tournaments at ACR and BCP

Private freeroll poker tournaments with cash prizes are often hosted on behalf of third parties at Americas Cardroom (ACR) and Black Chip Poker (BCP). These events are commonly password-protected so that only the third party´s members can play in them, but often it is possible to find ACR freeroll passwords and BCP freeroll passwords on social media – so these events are not necessarily exclusive, and any cash you win in them is yours to keep.

Occasionally, Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker will host their own password-protected private freeroll poker tournaments. These tend to have bigger prize pools than the events hosted on behalf of third parties, and the passwords are widely distributed across social media shortly before each tournament gets underway. For this reason it is always worth following @ACR_POKER and @BlackChipPoker on Twitter.

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