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The Sunday VenomThe Winning Poker Network recently changed the name of its Million Dollar Sunday tournament to the Sunday Venom and will run continue to run the event until the end of the year. There are also changes to the USAFriendlyPokerSites Venom Special Freebuys through which players can qualify for free for the target event.

Last time I alerted readers to two Million Dollar Sunday “Encore” tournaments taking place over the next couple of weeks at the Winning Poker Network. However, based on the success of the recent high buy-in BOSS Main Event, the Network has taken the decision to increase the buy-ins for the “Encore” events on the 9th and 16th September to $2,650 ($2,500 + $150).

Since then, the Million Dollar Sunday is now the Sunday Venom; and, because the increased buy-in will price out a number of players who would have bought-in directly, the Network is hosting daily Venom Mega-Satellites for the target events. These too have high buy-ins – ranging from $210 to $440 – so there is a selection of sub-satellites available through which players can qualify for the Mega-Satellites.

The Freebuy Route to the Venom Mega-Satellites

The most popular route to qualify for the Venom Mega-Satellites is via special Freebuy sub-satellites. These are effectively freeroll tournaments that give players the opportunity to enhance their chances of winning a seat in a Venom Mega-Satellite by purchasing re-buys and an add-on. Those that don´t take advantage of the re-buy/add-on options have to be extremely lucky to progress beyond Freebuy level.

Venom Special (“Spec”) Freebuy sub-satellites start with players already short-stacked (typically 20 BBs) and steep increases in blinds each level. The key to remaining competitive during the early levels is either to get lucky, or to take advantage of the re-buy option to maintain an above-average chip stack. Due to the size of the add-on, it is virtually essential this option is taken advantage of.

How many players qualify out of the Venom SpecFreebuy sub-satellite and into the Venom Mega-Satellites usually depends on the buy-in for each Venom Mega-Satellite. For example, in the past, USAFriendlyPokerSites Venom Special Freebuy events have awarded between one and five seats in Venom Mega-Satellites – the fewer the seats, the higher the buy-in for the target event.

Upcoming USAFriendlyPokerSites Venom SpecFreebuy Events

As usual, before a major tournament on the Winning Poker Network, USAFriendlyPokerSites is hosting Freebuy events that give readers the opportunity to qualify for a Venom Mega-Satellite for free (plus a couple of dollars for re-buys and add-ons should you choose to take advantage of them). The dates and times for the USAFriendlyPokerSites Venom SpecFreebuys frequently change and are published on our WPN Freebuy Passwords page.

For the current series of Venom SpecFreebuy events, the top two players in each freebuy tournament will win seats in the Venom Mega-Satellite played at 11:30am (ET) each Sunday morning. This Mega-Satellite guarantees ten seats into the Sunday Venom tournament which starts at 1:00pm (ET), so – if you qualify – you will automatically start playing in the Venom tournament as soon as the Mega-Satellite is over.

Each USAFriendlyPokerSites MDS Freebuy event guarantees one seat into the $330 buy-in MDS Mega-Satellite taking place the following morning (Sunday) at 11.30am (ET). The Sunday morning MDS Mega-Satellites each guarantee twenty seats into that afternoon´s Million Dollar Sunday “Encore” event. What´s important to note is that the Million Dollar Sunday “Encore” events start at 1:00 pm – so you will be automatically entered during late registration if you qualify through from the MDS Mega-Satellite.

Although playing a back-to-back Mega-Satellite and a Sunday Venom tournament is a tough ask, you have to remember that the buy-ins for each have increased five-fold compared to normal. Consequently, the field sizes in each event are likely to be much smaller than previously and the feature event will be over far earlier than the 2:00 am finishes we have seen in the past. Furthermore, with fewer players taking part in the Venom Mega-Satellite, there is a better chance of qualifying out of it.

How to Enter USAFriendlyPokerSites Venom SpecFreebuys

The USAFriendlyPokerSites Venom SpecFreebuys can be found in the Tourney Lobby at Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker under the “Freeroll” tab. The Freebuy events are password protected and the passwords will be published on the USA Friendly Poker Sites’ WPN Freebuy Passwords page closer to the weekend. If you take part in the Freebuys, I wish you well – just remember to deposit a few dollars into your account before you play to give yourself the best chance of qualifying for the Venom Mega-Satellite.


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