DOJ: We May Come after Wire Act Violators Retrospectively

The DOJ has warned it may come after operators who are currently violating the revised opinion of the Wire Act if a future court hearing finds in its favor.

Chances of Online Gambling in New York Fading

With just over a week remaining in the legislative session, the chances of regulated online gambling in New York getting the green light this year are fading.

Is Either Side Right in the Michigan iGaming Debate?

A dispute about whether slot games should be included in the state´s iGaming proposals has halted progress towards regulated online gambling in Michigan.

New Hampshire Wins Round 1 of DOJ Wire Act Court Case

Questions remain about how the DOJ might enforce the Wire Act after a New Hampshire District Judge granted declaratory relief to the NH Lottery Commission.

U.S. Regulated Gambling Entering a New Era of Litigation

Not only are anti-gambling groups filing lawsuits to prevent unconstitutional expansions of gambling, online operators are now squaring up against each other.

No Room for Online Poker in Illinois Gambling Bill

Despite there being more than 800 pages to the new gambling law passed by Illinois’ legislature at the weekend, there is no room for online poker.

The Latest on the New Hampshire/DOJ Wire Act Court Case

The latest on the New Hampshire/DOJ Wire Act court case is that there is little chance of the case being resolved before the end of the non-prosecution period.

Legal Action Threat to “Unconstitutional” Gambling Regulation

States circumnavigating their constitutions to pass gambling legislation are increasingly likely to face legal action from unhappy anti-gambling campaigners.

Time is Running Out for Online Gambling Regulation in Illinois

With a month to go until the end of this year´s legislative session, plans to regulate online gambling in Illinois are being jeopardized by commercial interests.

Online Poker Regulation in the US: Q1 2019 Review

There has been plenty of regulatory activity during the first quarter of 2019, but all of it has been overshadowed by the DOJ´s revised opinion of the Wire Act.

The Saturated Market and Implications for Online Gambling

According to the Boston Globe, casino revenues are failing to meet expectations due to market saturation. How might this affect online gambling regulation?