The Good Old Days of Sit & Go Return at BetOnline Poker

Posted on by John Lathram

Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge at Betonline PokerRecent changes to BetOnline Poker´s Weekly $5,000 Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge is driving even more players to the site´s Single Table Tournaments.

If you have been playing online poker for as long as I have, you may remember a time when you could log into a poker site, enter a Single Table Tournament and expect the game to start within a few minutes. In recent years, the introduction of lottery-style, hyper-turbo games has had a negative impact on Sit & Go traffic at most sites – leaving fans of Single Table Tournaments short on opportunities.

That appears to be changing at BetOnline Poker – a site that has resisted introducing gimmickry in order to “take back the game”. BetOnline Poker has always provided for its Sit & Go community by offering a range of Heads-Up, 6-Max, Double Up and Full Ring Sit & Go games. Now the site has improved its Weekly $5,000 Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge to drive more players to its Single Table Tournaments.

How the Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge Works

The BetOnline Poker Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge is actually three leaderboard challenges – the promotion being divided into three buy-in categories to give players with modest bankrolls a chance against players with healthier account balances. Points are awarded to players who play in 6-Max and Full Ring (10 player) Sit & Go games depending on their finishing position. The points are then multiplied according to the buy-in within each leaderboard category.

6-Max Sit & Go GamesFull Ring Sit & Go Games
Bronze CategorySilver CategoryGold Category
(Buy-Ins from $0.05 – $1.99)(Buy-Ins from $2.00 – $19.99)(Buy-Ins from $20.00 upwards)
$0.05 -$0.391$2.00 – $3.991$20.00 – $24.991
$0.40 – $0.691.5$4.00 – $5.991.5$25.00 – $29.991.5
$0.70 – $0.992$6.00 – $7.992$30.00 – $34.992
$1.00 – $1.493$8.00 – $9.992.5$35.00 – $49.992.5
$1.50 – $1.994$10.00 – $14.993$50.00 – $89.993
$15.00 – $20.004$90.00 and up5

If, for example, you were to win a 6-Max Sit & Go with a buy-in of $11.00 (fees are included in the calculation of the buy-in), you would be awarded 60 points for your victory. Your points would be multiplied by 3 for the cost of the buy-in and 180 points added to your running total on the weekly leaderboard.

In total there is $5,000 up for grabs each week, divided between the top 20 players in each category. Players can cash in more than one category each week so, in theory, an individual player could win $1,750 for topping all three leaderboards. Considering the volume of players heading for BetOnline Poker´s Sit & Go lobby, the opportunities exist for this to happen!

BetOnline Poker Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge
8 – 10$40$20$10
11 – 20$20$10$5

Benefits for all Sit & Go Players

The Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge at BetOnline Poker not only benefits players who cash in the promotion, but every Sit & Go player. The logic behind this statement is that you may not have the time to grind out a $1,000 first place prize, but you know every time you log into your BetOnline Poker account, there will be a game in your price range about to start.

The volume of Sit & Go action also means it is possible to clear a modest BetOnline Poker bonus by playing Single Table Tournaments. This is a great incentive for players who remember the Good Old Days of Sit & Go poker, but who have become disillusioned by sites dumbing down their products to deliver what they think players want.

If you can remember a time when you could log into an online poker site and a game would be waiting for you, head on over to BetOnline Poker. You can be sure that, if you only have an hour available, you won´t spend thirty minutes of it waiting for a game to begin. Use our bonus code VIP2500 (more info on the BetOnline Poker bonus code here) to get a 200% bonus on your first deposit and relive the Good Old Days of Sit & Go poker today.