Don´t Miss This Weekend´s WPN Million Dollar Freebuys

Posted on by John Lathram

Million Dollar Sundays Freebuys at WPNThis weekend, sites on the Winning Poker Network (WPN) will be hosting freebuy sub-qualifiers for September´s Million Dollar Sunday tournament.

If you fancy a shot at winning a share of a million dollars for free, there is no better place to spend your weekend than at sites on the Winning Poker Network. Throughout the weekend, ACR, BCP, Ya Poker (NO US players) and True Poker will be hosting freebuy sub-satellites through which players can qualify for satellites and mega-satellites feeding into September´s Million Dollar Sunday.

To be fair, the possibility of going from zero to hero is remote. Each freebuy sub-satellite only awards a handful of seats into the next qualification stage. From there, players still have to qualify for a mega-satellite and, from previous experience, the Million Dollar Sunday mega-satellites will be hotly contested events. However, it can be done.

How the Million Dollar Freebuys Work

The Million Dollar Freebuys are running at various times this weekend, and although each has a defined qualification route (more about that below) each runs in the same way. Entry into the freebuy sub-satellites is free and each player starts with 1,500 chips to content with levels lasting ten minutes each and blinds starting at 25/50.

Any time your chip stack falls below 1,500 chips, you have the option of re-buying 3,000 chips. This can cost $0.25 or $0.50 depending on the freebuy sub-qualifier you are playing in. If you are knocked out, you have the option of buying back into the freebuy sub-qualifier for the same price as a re-buy, and you will restart the game with a stack of 3,000 chips.

The re-buy period lasts until the end of Level 8, after which there is an option to buy an add-on of 10,000 chips. By now the blinds will have increased to 150/300 (ante 30), so you may have to put your hand in your pocket if you have a below-average stack. Thereafter the game continues as a freezeout until the number of places “paid” in the freebuy sub-qualifier is reached.

The Different Qualification Routes

There are three different qualification routes that conclude in one of three mega-satellites. Each freebuy sub-satellite clearly indicates its ultimate target, but for the sake of clarification, here is a quick guide:

  • The “MDS Mega-50 Super Freebuy” sub-satellite feeds into an $8.80 buy-in “MDS Mega-50 Satellite” that guarantees a minimum of five seats in the “Million Dollar Mega-Satellite” on Friday September 1st. This mega-satellite guarantees fifty seats in the Million Dollar Sunday event.
  • The “MDS Mega-100 Super Freebuy” feeds into an “MDS Mega-100 Satellite” that also has a buy-in of $8.80, but which guarantees a minimum of ten seats in the “Million Dollar Mega-Satellite” on Saturday September 2nd. This mega-satellite guarantees one hundred seats into the target event.
  • The “MDS Mega-150 Super Freebuy” has the higher re-buy and add-on costs. This freebuy sub-satellite guarantees five seats in an $11.00 buy-in “MDS Mega-150 Satellite” that guarantees a minimum of ten seats in the “Million Dollar Mega-Satellite” taking place just hours before the Million Dollar Sunday event on September 3rd. The Sunday morning mega-satellite guarantees a minimum of one hundred and fifty seats into the million dollar guaranteed tournament.

If it all seems a bit daunting, don´t worry. The different qualification routes look a lot clearer in the tournament lobbies, where you will also find alternative paid-for routes to win seats in the Million Dollar Sunday event. As the date of the big event draws closer, more satellite routes will be added to the schedule; but, for the best opportunities to win your seat for free, visit the Winning Poker Network this weekend.