MasterCard Poker Sites

MasterCardPractically all USA-friendly poker sites take MasterCard as a deposit option because so many players have a MasterCard in their back pocket. Whether it is a credit card, a debit card or a pre-paid card, MasterCard is one of the most popular payment methods used through the USA.

It is a relatively cheap way for poker sites to accept deposits. MasterCard transaction fees are pretty low compared to some e-wallets; so online poker sites accepting MasterCard are pretty happy to absorb the cost of the transaction and credit players´ accounts with the full amount of their deposit.

Real Money Poker with MasterCard Deposits

There is a huge number of benefits when you play real money poker with MasterCard deposits. Depositing into accounts at MasterCard poker sites is quick and easy – and secure. It is just like any online purchase. You just enter your card details and the amount you want to deposit and, within a few seconds, the funds will be credited to your account.

All the poker sites accepting MasterCard transact deposits over an encrypted connection. There is no risk of your card details being intercepted while you are making a deposit when your connection is encrypted. Some of the sites offer a quick deposit option as well – where your card details are stored on a secure server, so that you only have to enter them once and can reload your account with the click of a button.

Your bank or card issuer also provides a certain level of protection against the fraudulent use of your card details – although this is very unlikely to happen at online poker sites that accept MasterCard, because of the negative publicity that would result and the loss of business the site would experience. Basically, you are in safe hands when you play real money poker with MasterCard deposits in the USA.

Poker Sites Where You Can Deposit with MasterCard

MasterCard poker sites offer high acceptance rates and fast processing of your deposits. When you make your first deposit with a MasterCard on a poker site, you will also be able to take advantage of some bankroll-enhancing poker bonuses and some potentially lucrative poker promotions.

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The Downside of Playing Poker with MasterCard in the US

Unfortunately there is a downside of playing poker with a MasterCard in the US. Your MasterCard deposit is not guaranteed to be accepted. This is not a reflection on your poker site´s credibility, but more to do with your card issuer being nervous about gambling transactions.

In fact, such is the randomness of declined MasterCard poker site deposits that you could have a deposit initially declined and then accepted when you try again thirty minutes later. We believe that the paranoia of credit card issuers varies according to how much coffee they have drunk, so maybe it is not best to try making a deposit with a MasterCard on a poker site first thing in the morning!

The other downside of playing poker with a MasterCard in the US is that you cannot withdraw your winnings back to your credit or debit card. This is not a downside that is unique to poker players in the US – poker players from all over the world have to put up with the same inconvenience. When you enjoy a winning session on poker sites that accept MasterCard as a deposit option, you will have to use an alternative withdrawal method such as a check or a wire to your bank.

MasterCard Poker Sites Q&A

Can you play online poker with a MasterCard in the US?

Absolutely. It is one the best poker deposit options there is because of its speed, cost and convenience.

What costs are associated with depositing on a poker site with a MasterCard?

The poker site will not charge you anything, but your bank or card issuer might regard your deposit as a “cash advance” and charge you a small percentage of the deposit amount.

What is the minimum I can deposit on a poker site with a MasterCard?

Poker sites have different limits for the minimum and maximum amounts you can deposit with a MasterCard. As a guide, the minimum deposit allowed is usually $50.00.

What should I do if my MasterCard poker deposit is declined?

Call the poker site´s customer services department. Most poker sites that accept MasterCard as a deposit option have a toll-free number you can call. The site´s customer service representative will try to process the deposit manually or suggest you use an alternative option.