MoneyGram Poker Sites

MoneyGramMoneyGram is the second-most popular method of conducting “person-to-person” transfers to an online poker site, and its appeal as a payment processor is only limited by the fewer number of agents it has compared with Western Union.

There is little to choose between MoneyGram and Western Union other than the location of agents, and the process of making a deposit at online poker sites that accept MoneyGram is equally as simple. Players using MoneyGram as a poker deposit option only need a receiver name and destination details to complete their transaction.

Players can then make the deposit into a poker site using MoneyGram online or at a local agent, after which they will receive a “Money Transfer Control Number” (MTCN). Give the poker site the MTCN and, as soon as receipt of the funds is confirmed, the money is instantly available to play online poker.

Benefits of using MoneyGram to Play Real Money Poker

The benefits of using MoneyGram to play online poker for real money are that deposits are virtually guaranteed to be accepted, and that deposits limits are higher than most other deposit options. Compare this to the frustration of trying to deposit the maximum limit of $250 with a credit card only to find out that you are not going to qualify for the site´s deposit bonus because your card has been rejected!

After the first time you have used MoneyGram to fund your poker account, using MoneyGram to play real money poker is practically stress-free. Online poker sites welcome MoneyGram deposits because of the lack of problems associated with payment processing, and most will even refund the fees you pay on transfers of $300 or more.

One further benefit of using MoneyGram to play real money poker is that person-to-person transfers are not “impulse” transactions. What we mean by this is that it takes a two-stage process to deposit at a poker site using MoneyGram. You are less likely to reload your account in the wrong frame of mind after going on tilt if you use MoneyGram to deposit at online poker sites.

Best US Facing MoneyGram Poker Sites

Nearly every online poker operator accepts MoneyGram deposits, so the choice of what constitutes the “best” US facing MoneyGram poker sites depends on your motives for playing online poker. Are you looking for the biggest poker bonus, the most rewarding VIP program or a standard of play which is equal (or less than) your own skill set? If you are unsure of the answer to this question, we suggest you have a quick look through the “Which Site to Choose” section at the bottom of our real money poker page.

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Downside of Playing Online Poker with MoneyGram in the US

With guaranteed acceptance of your deposit, higher deposit limits and a pretty secure way to avoid blowing the rent playing online poker, MoneyGram seems to be a viable deposit option. But it does have its downside – cost.

Although poker sites that accept MoneyGram as a deposit option will refund your transfer costs above a certain level, what if you only have a limited bankroll? Then you are going to have to factor in the cost of depositing against the reward you will get (bonuses, promotions, player reward programs etc.).

Furthermore, if you pay for your MoneyGram person-to-person transfer using a credit or debit card, your bank or card issuer could charge you a fee for a cash advance. Plus – in the case of paying for the transfer with a credit card – you will also have to pay interest on the fee. You are going to need a pretty good session at the poker table to recover all these costs!

MoneyGram Poker Sites Q&A

How much can I deposit on a poker site using MoneyGram?

Although some online operators will accept MoneyGram poker deposits as low as $50, the usual minimum limit is $100. You can usually deposit up to $1,000 using MoneyGram, or more if you speak with your site´s Customer Services Department first.

Will I still have to verify my identity if I am depositing into a poker account with MoneyGram?

For your own security, identity verification is always a recommended option. Most online poker providers will insist that you verify your identity before allowing you to withdraw funds from your account – irrespective of the deposit method used to fund the account.

Are there charges attached to withdrawing from MoneyGram poker sites?

As well as there being charges to deposit at a MoneyGram poker site, there are also charges when you want to withdraw. This time the online poker operator will not refund the charges, and you could find anything from $20.00 to $120.00 being deducted from your withdrawal to pay the charges.

Is there any other way to get your funds off of a MoneyGram poker site?

Most poker sites will insist that you use the same withdrawal method as you used to fund your account – at least for your first withdrawal. Thereafter the option of a check may be possible on request, but higher withdrawal limits apply for check cashouts, and you will have to wait longer for your funds to clear.